THE SAVE MAYOWA SAGA – We all have opinions

    It’s been hard to stay quiet with the way the #savemayowa saga is panning out, I can only hope that by sharing my thoughts it doesn’t have any repercussions.

    Personally it’s heartbreaking to see the insults melted down on Ms Toyin Aimakhu an Actress who went out of her way to bring awareness to this issue. I for example didn’t post any #savemayowa video on my page until I saw Toyin’s, I was so touched and I know a lot of Nigerians that donated to the campaign after they had seen that video. 

    I followed this saga from the onset when Linda Ikeji alleged it was a scam. Did I think Linda acted too fast? Yes of course, maybe she would have waited a bit to get all the facts together, but on the other hand she is a blogger that received information and has a platform to share which she did. Do I blame her? Not at all, I just wish it was carefully thought out at first.
    What I don’t understand is how Toyin Aimahku who had good intentions  is now been dragged on social media. Let’s take a second and look at it from Toyin’s point of view, she had raised awareness for the campaign and finally the funds needed were met, she went back to the hospital and noticed a change in attitude.. She also had questions to ask and wasn’t getting the right answers. Now I have seen the videos and yes Toyin is overly dramatic, I wish she could be less emotional sometimes but hey that’s who she is…
     My point is Toyin shouldn’t be the ‘butt of jokes’ due to her involvement in this campaign rather she should be praised for this humanitarian act because she did something a lot of celebrities wouldn’t do… I am not even a celebrity but most likely I wouldn’t have gone  to visit someone I never met (Not that I don’t care, I can think up a million and one traffic/work/no time excuses not to), I would have just made donations from the comfort of my home, prayed for her and kept it moving.
    If you ask me if the #savemayowa is a scam I will say NO, because she is alive, she is visibly ill and requires treatment so yes money is needed and that is what the campaign was for so literally it’s no Scam.. From my Understanding it is a clear issue of miscommunication from both parties, Mayowa’s family and Toyin which if handled probably wouldn’t have lead to this outburst. 
    We are all entitled to our various opinions but can I please ask that we calm down with the Toyin accusations and insults? I know this coming from an account that’s basically a “troll heaven” it’s hard. However I’ve been saddened by the disrespect for Toyin and the amount of mean comments I have seen since the saga broke, because I know she had genuine intentions. 
    Let’s not forget the purpose of the campaign which is to Save Mayowa and see her get better. I can only imagine what Mayowa and her Family are going through at this time, I pray God grants them peace and strength to get through this. Please have her in your prayers as she embarks on this journey to revive her health. 
    Thank You. 


    1. I couldn't have said it better. The fact that a family member said Toyin is a thief and another said Toyin wanted to travel with Mayowa on the family's bill makes me give them the side eye.

    2. I think Toyin over reacted, but after watching a video of her family members embarrassing her at LUTH, I can't but wonder what kind of people they are. This woman is the reason over 30 million was raised in 3 days, it would have taken months without her going all out.

    3. So true. I don't have anything against Toyin now that i have heard her own part of the story. We all make mistake. God bless every one.

    4. You are very stupid, how are you sure they are liyin. Toyin an Aramide are thiefes. And Toyin is lucky they didn't naked her and change the colour of her bleaching skin

    5. They were already getting money before that idiot came for attention and share of the money. It is God that did it not Toyin. And they were saving their family name

    6. I think it's a shame that they'll do this to her bt guess what, if someone else is in desperate need of help next time, I doubt if she'll be willing to help cos this just goes to show hw ungrateful people can be. Wether it was a scam or not, matured minds would have resolved the issue amicably bt no, they had to show their ass nd be popular, they are just pathetic souls to be honest. It really hurts to see her get attacked in that manner knowing that all she wanted to do was help…pure shame on them, excuse me to say bt they deserve to be cursed