How it Works

What is TCSReviews?

TCSReviews is an online forum where you can share feedback on any product or service purchased, thereby providing intending customers with information on the business so as to decide whether to go on with their transaction. The main goal is to expose fraudulent/scam businesses operating in the Nigerian online community.

Blog readers are free to comment on any thread of interest.


To share a review:

  1. Click on the “TCSReviews” Section
  2. Search the business name to see if a topic has been created for it already
    – If YES; Comment your review on the existing thread
    – If Not: Create a new Topic
  3. Fill out the information section
  4. Include Receipts – Proof that the transaction happened (Screenshots of conversations, proof of payment, photos of items purchased etc.)
  5. Submit Review


For Potential customers

  • Search a business name to see review.